Master Thesis Administrative Key Points

For the Master thesis, the following steps have to be followed: 

Step 1
Think on a topic and on a supervisor. Speak to the potential supervisor and make sure she/he accepts the guidance. After agreeing to supervise you, she/he needs to send one A4 form with your name and the title of the topic to the MSc UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance contact at the Dean's office of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics of the University of Zurich, subsequently called "Dean's Office".

Step 2
Before starting the work on the thesis you need to register at the Dean's Office. Kindly show up personally to pick up the envelope with the thesis title issued by the supervising professor. Bring along the following to the Dean's Office:
  • Completed registration form
  • Proof that you have been admitted to the program ("Zulassungsbescheid")
  • Any requests for recognition of external courses
  • Student ID
  • Proof of successfully completed additional requirements, if applicable

Step 3
The Master thesis has to be finished within 6 months after having picked up the envelope with the title at the Dean's Office. Two bound copies of the thesis must be submitted in person to the Dean's Office or sent to the Dean's Office by registered mail. In case of submitting by registered mail, the date of the postmark is considered the submission date. You must not put your thesis in the mailbox in front of the Dean's Office. Theses submitted late are considered to have been failed. Please also send a PDF file of the Master thesis to msfinance[at]

Step 4
If the supervisor finds that the thesis is enough for a "pass" you need to make a 30 minutes presentation of your thesis. The Master thesis presentation has to be done within 4 weeks after the submission of the Master thesis. This presentation is open to public and will be officially announced. In order to organize the presentation, please first arrange a date and time for the presentation with the supervisor and then communicate this date and time to the Managing Assistant of the program (msfinance[at] The Managing Assistant will then organize a room and announce the presentation. After the presentation the supervisor will communicate the final grade in written form.

Step 5
To apply for the final degree, please follow the steps described here.

Master Thesis - Administrative Key Points

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