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Main Features of MAS


Master of Advanced Studies in Finance of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) (Abbreviation: MAS Finance UZH/ETH Zurich or MAS UZH ETH in Finance)

Target Participants

Graduates with a Master degree (or equivalent) or exceptional candidates with a Bachelor degree having a finance, economics and/or science background (mathematics, physics, engineering). Practitioners with a corresponding academic qualification who feel that they need additional and more specialized training in financial economics and in quantitative methods for finance are welcome.


The program is taught in English so that international as well as Swiss participants can attend.


One academic year of courses followed by the completion of a Master thesis, thus a total duration of about 14 months. The program starts in September /October at the beginning of every academic year (in October 2002 for the first time), and the courses end in July of the following year. It is expected that the four-month Master thesis will be written and approved no later than the end of the following December. In general, the MAS Finance program requires full-time studying. In exceptional cases, the Admission Committee can authorize part-time employed participants to undertake the course program over a two-year period; the Master thesis has to be written full-time.

Class Size

We aim for around 25 participants. Approximatively one third of the admitted participants are Swiss, the rest are coming from the whole world.

Exchange Programs

We strongly encourage cooperation and exchange programs with other highly reputable international universities offering similar programs.

Legal Note

The proposed legal rules were successively approved by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, of the University of Zurich, by the Department of Mathematics of the ETH Zurich, by the highest officials of the University of Zurich and, finally, by the highest officials of the ETH Zurich.
The legal rules can be downloaded (in German).
The (unofficial) English version of the legal rules is also available.

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