Housing & Expenses


Swiss universities do not usually have on-campus housing, but rather students organize themselves in flat-sharing communities ("WG" or "Wohngemeinschaft"), with three or four flatmates renting a flat together and sharing the rent.
For new incoming foreign students with no acquaintances in Zurich, it can be difficult to find a flat to share. If you cannot arrange housing from your home country, you should arrive one or two weeks before the semester begins to try and find a room. Accommodation offers can also be found on the various notice boards in the university buildings and institutes. Useful links for students looking for accommodation from outside Switzerland are the

Public Transport

Public transport in the city of Zurich is a dense and well-planned network. There are buses, street-cars, regional trains and even boats. There is a discount for students under the age of 25. Bicycles are an inexpensive alternative to public transport.


Living expenses depend very much on the individual student. These figures should therefore be regarded as a guideline only (in CHF):

Rent incl. heating 550
Additional expenses (telephone, internet) 200
Meals 400
Insurance 250
Travel 80
Clothing, laundry, personal items 70
Leisure, spending money 150
Teaching materials 50
Total 1,750

The expected minimum cost of living for students therefore comes to a total of CHF 1,750 per month. Course fees come to around CHF 770 per semester.


We do not offer any scholarships which cover your living expenses in Zurich. You might find some useful information at UZH Financial Aid Office or ETH Zürich Financial Aid Office. Please note that a quantitative finance student UZH ETH will not be eligible for the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme / Master Scholarship Programme of ETH. However, depending where you come from, there are several organizations which offer scholarships, for example the Swiss Government, the Institute of International Education, the Fulbright Program, the German DAAD and so on. Please ask your foreign student adviser and search the Internet.

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